Green Tea Hand Soap Recipe

Well I ran out of hand soap for the bathroom today so I decided to make my own rather than go buy more! 🙂 I’m calling it my Green Tea Hand Soap as I’m being rather uncreative with names. heh. Anyways here is my recipe for it:

2 tbsp grated soap (I used Dove, Ivory and other simple soaps would work well too)

1 c distilled water

Grated Orange zest

2 Green Tea Bags

1/2 tsp glycerin (found this in the first aid aisle)

1/8 tsp vit e (approximation here..use what you feel is appropriate)

1/2 tsp olive oil (cuz my hands are dry here in wyoming)

I also added some rosewater concentrate, mostly for scent. Feel free to add any essential oils you feel like!

To start, melt your grated soap in a double boiler (or if you’re without one like me, I used a glass bowl in a pot). I add a splash of distilled water to help it reach a more liquid-y consistency.

Meanwhile, boil your cup of distilled water with the zest in it. Once it reaches boiling, take it off the heat and toss in your tea bags and let it all steep for about 10 minutes. Strain the zest from the water with cheesecloth or since I’m outta cheesecloth, I used a coffee filter. 😀

Add your soap to the “tea water” and your glycerin, olive oil, vit e and any other oils you wish to toss in. Pour into your soap dispenser (funnel is handy here) and voila! Yummy smelling soap! It will have a runny consistency but it gets foamy and frothy quite well when in use.  The dove scent is a tidbit overpowering in mine but that’s ok because I like the smell 🙂

I’ll repost if I find remake a different way and it turns out better!


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