Etsy/Hyena Cart account?

I’ve been seriously considering opening up an lil online store for my crafts..more so to support the habit but also to spread some green love ❤

I’ve done some digging around and Etsy and Hyena Cart have some big merits to themselves….and are the best sites I’ve found so far for fees, advertising and traffic. (Hyena Cart is specifically geared towards eco friendly family/handmade)

I may put up storefronts at both sites at first, to see where I garner the most traffic. I know I will also be doing the local farmer’s market this year as well!

As far as what I’ll be selling, well…I think green cleaning items like swiffer shrugs and reusable cleaning cloths will be big, as well as green baby/kids items! And yes there will be toys 😀 See my flick account to get an idea of the toys I create. I”ll try to post some pics of green things I’ve created as well 🙂

Input is always appreciated!

Check out the sites if you aren’t familiar with them 🙂


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