Free Swiffer Scrubbie Pattern

Well while I love the previous swiffer cloth I had made, it didn’t seem to do much in the way of actually scrubbing. It is amazing for dusting though..

But I decided to try and make a tougher scrub.  😀 and here is the result!

And here is a pattern for it! Enjoy ❤

G hook

Worsted weight cotton

Ch 41
Row 1: skip first ch, sc across foundation chain
Row 2:*ch 1, turn. sc across row only in the back loops.*
repeat from * to * until cloth will fit your swiffer.
optional- crab stitch around edges for a nice border
Straps: pick up 4 stitches on one edge, sc for 20 rows, and slip stitch to opposite edge. Repeat for a second strap.

And toss into the wash when it gets nice and dirty. Comment if you have any questions as this is my first crochet pattern. 🙂


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