Knit Anti Cat Towel

The kittehs are onto me…this one took a few what with working on my neckwarmer (pattern can be found at and chasing kittehs away from yarn, needles, my hands, my feet….yeah. They are tricksy! And far too smart 😛

So here is Anti Cat Towel #2-the knit version.

Beware! Knitting around kitties can be hazardous to a towel’s health.

Sergeant Tobias Fuzzyboots  III aka Toby. Aka bane of towels.

Size 7 needles

WW Cotton yarn-I used more peaches n creme. One skein and lil bit more from another.

CO 51 st

Row 1 purl

Row 2 slip first st purlwise with yarn in back,* k 4, slip next st purlwisewith yarn in back* repeat across  row, end with a slip.

Row 3 purl

Row 4 repeat row 2

Row 5 purl

Row 6 repeat row 2

Row 7 knit

Repeat rows 2-7 for desired length.

Start decrease rows:

Row 1:  *K2, k2tog* to last 3 st, k1, k2tog.

Row 2: K across.

Row 3: *K1, K2tog*to last 2 st, k2.

Row 4: K across.

Row 5: K2tog across.

Row 6: K across.

Row 7: K2tog to last st, k1. 7 sts remain.

Work in garter on these 7 sts for 2 in.

Work buttonhole row: K3, BO 3, K1.

Next row: K2, CO 2, K2.

Work 2 more rows of garter then BO. Weave in ends.

Sew button onto towel and watch kittehs frown!!

Poor kitties. They do not like being twarted.

Detail on the waffle-y stitch.


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