Amethyst Hat

Note: I decided to add some wristwarmers to match. Their pattern will be up shortly. 🙂

I’m still on my hat kick, and have been playing around with cables lately, so of course one thing led to another and another hat was born!  Just a simple hat with a cable really, but since I rarely see crochet cabled hats I thought I’d post this one.  I made it a tad on the large side since I dislike hat hair 😛

Amethyst Hat

H hook

I Hook

WW Yarn-I used Red Heart

Using magic loop, 10 dc into loop. Join with sl st to first dc, ch 3.

Round 1: 2 dc in each st around. Join to top ch of first ch 3. Ch 3. 20 sts

Round 2: *1 dc in first st, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 30 sts

Round 3: *1 dc in first 2 sts, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 40 sts

Round 4: *1 dc in first 3 sts, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 50 sts

Round 5: *1 dc in first 4 sts, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 60 sts

Round 6: dc around. Ch 3. 60 sts

Round 7: dc in first 30 sts, then start cable: fptrc around next 4 sts. Dc to end. Ch 3

Round 8: repeat round 7

Round 9: dc in first 30 sts, fptrc in 4th fptrc from last round (furthest from you) , then in the 3rd on, then the 2nd, then the 1st. You’re twisting the cable by doing this. Dc to end.

not the best picture of the cable…sorry :p

Round 10: dc in first 30sts, fptrc in first fptrc from last round, making sure to keep the twist. Fptrc around next 3 sts, dc to end.

Repeat rounds 7-10 once more.

another picture of the cable. Again, sorry for the quality.

Switch to H hook, repeat round 7 once more, only do fpdc instead of fptrc when you come upon the  cable.

Next round: *fpdc around first dc, bpdc around next dc* repeat *to* around.

Fasten off

Enjoy! ❤


6 thoughts on “Amethyst Hat

  1. Hey,

    My friend Ashley (Moltzan) recommended your blog to me because of your diy projects. You have some really neat things here and I definitely have some ideas. Sometimes I put projects on my blog if you ever feel like looking.

    I like your hat!

  2. I met Ashley when she was living with friends in Laramie.

    I’ve been recommended Nourishing Traditions a couple times. I work at a sort of health food store and a copy has been sitting around there for a while. I really should just buy it. You also should check out Sandor Katz’ books Wild Fermentation and The Revolution Won’t be Microwaved. My new project is yogurt. I made my first batch from organic milk the other day and it turned out well. Next I’ll experiment with non-dairy alternatives which seem better.

    Have you seen the Oko Box blog? You would probably like it. Leslie homesteads by herself in the mountains and makes eco clothing.

    • Really? Awesome I’ve been wanting to try my hand at yogurt! I’ve made cheese..kind of a simple queso blanco almost. Was pretty easy and it tasted good. I’ve been trying to delve into raw foods too, so I would like to try some sprouting recipes. I’m hoping to turn my vacant yard into something of a nice garden…maybe talk my landlord into letting me have chickens too. I started another blog to track my progress on that. I really like the book The Urban Homestead too, lots of cool projects and ideas in it.

  3. That’s really cool. I’d love to have chickens. I’ll also check out that urban homestead book. I’ve been really interesting in plants and gardening for the past five or so years. It’s one of the best things ever. I really like quinoa sprouts and microgreens. Microgreens are really easy and in my opinion way better than sprouts. I have a lot of seeds and can share if you decide to plant the garden. I hope it all works out well.

    • Me too. Hopefully I can bribe him with chicken eggs. hehe. I’ll have to try microgreens- I keep hearing good things about them. That’d be awesome! I was going to start my search for seeds online soon. We’ve got one decent plant nursery here but usual their seed selection is limited. I’m hoping they sell ladybugs again though!

      Also, I only checked the book out from the library, but Made From Scratch is awesome. Very inspiring. She’s got a blog of her homestead too,

      She’s also a hoot to read.

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