Wind Cowl, or, I’m a ninja!!

So Wyoming wind is quite terrible here. It can get well past -20 with wind chill at night…hell sometimes during the day. And with the bf working a delivery job out in the wind, he asked me to make him something to help stave off wind burn 😛 I figured a nice stretchy cowl was in order! (after several failed sizing attempts with balaclavas..urgh)

I look like a ninja! hehe. I used linked treble crochet to make it quickly but at the same time thick and less hole-y.

Hehehe! he looks like a looter from dead rising 2. 😛

Wind Cowl

K hook

WW Yarn-I used good ol red heart again. Maybe half a skein, though I’m pretty sure not even that much.

Stitches used:

Foundation double Crochet-good tutorial here:

Front Post/Back Post Double Crochet

Linked treble crochet-good tutorial here:

Working in foundation double crochet, do 45 foundation double crochet. (first ch 3 of foundation double crochet counts as first dc) Join to top of first double crochet.

Round 1: Ch 1, fpdc around first dc, bpdc around next. Repeat this around.  Join to ch 1. 45 sts

Round 2: Ch 3, yo & insert hook into 2nd ch, pull up a loop, yo & insert into 3rd ch, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), insert hook into first dc, yo & pull up a loop, finish as normal treble crochet. This starts off your round of linked treble crochet stitches. Work rest of round in linked treble crochet. Join to top of ch 3.  45 sts.

Repeat round 2 seven more times.

Next row: Ch 2, hdc around in the back loops only. Join to top of first hdc.

You’re now going to break your yarn, leaving a nice long tail to sew. There will be gaps in between  where you joined the linked treble crochet rounds down to the post stitch ribbing. Thread your yarn tail onto a sewing needle and stitch sides together. I stitch similar to a mattress stitch, so I can have a reversible cowl.

See? Gaps. Bad for blocking wind.

After sewing up the gaps. Much better!

Either side can be the right side. If you like the looks of the dashes from the linked trebles, use that, or the other side is completely smooth. Your choice!

Weave in ends. Show off your ninja skills.


3 thoughts on “Wind Cowl, or, I’m a ninja!!

  1. That’s really neat. When I lived in Wy. I would always ride my bike. On the really cold and windy days a hand knitted scarf wrapped around my face like that saved my life. It would be cool if you could make one with the top part too.

    • thanks! yeah that’s what the bf originally wanted…all the patterns i tried out were coming out enormous on him though and he was really more bothered by his lower face getting cold (i’ve already made him a hat) so i whipped up a cowl last night. I may make myself one. It’s been miserably cold here lately 😛 I’ll probably try to make a balaclava(ski mask) of my own by mod-ing out this pattern here soon

  2. I think you have your pattern wrong.On round 2 you say “Round 2: Ch 3, yo & insert hook into 2nd ch, pull up a loop, yo & insert into 3rd ch, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook),” there is actually 5 loops on hook if you do it this way. could you provide a better explanation? are we doing it like a normal linked treble, insert THEN yo twice? thanks

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