Ribby Slouch

The wind will not die down here, so I continue to make hats (also since I keep giving away hats, I keep making them..) and this time I wanted a simple, slouchy hat.  I wanted it to look knit too, so I used a double slip stitch again (like on my Nuance Hat). But since it’s worked flat, you need to slip into your first stitch, then do a double slip stitch in the first stitch as wellin order to not decrease accidentally.

I know the double slip stitch (dsl st) can give some people a problem-but you just need to make sure you are putting 2 sl sts into each st! You start off each sl st row with 1 sl st in the first, then do a dsl st by inserting your hook into the first st again, pulling up a loop, then inserting hook into second st, pulling up a loop, then pulling that loop thru the 2 loops on the hook. Then you’d just work dsl sts across.

I’ll try and get a photo tutorial done so you can have a visual of this stitch too.

G hook

WW wool yarn-I used Patons Classic

Hat is worked flat, then sewn/crocheted up the side and top to close!

Ch 52, hdc in back hump of 3rd ch from hook and each hump across-50 sts

Row 1: Ch 1, turn. Sl st in first st, Dsl st in first st and dsl st across.

Row 2: Ch 2, hdc in back loop only across.

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until hat just fits around head, and make sure your last row is a row 2. Break yarn, then fold rectangle in half and sl st up sides. Put tail onto a needle and sew top closed.

Wah-la! Cute knit-look rib hat!


16 thoughts on “Ribby Slouch

  1. I LOVE hats! WhenI first saw your hat, I thought it was “knit”, it looks warm…I like to knit hats too and I do give them away =)
    nothing like a nice warm hat to keep the chill away!

  2. This might sound like a dumb question, but I know how to slip stich up the sides, but for some reason I can’t imagine sewing up the top. When you said pull up the tail, you mean to leave a long piece of yarn hanging from the slip stitched sides so that we can close the top right? I guess I’ll give it a go first and let you know how it turns out 🙂

  3. This is a great pattern! I had to use how to use the double stitch…so i practiced with a 6.5 hook and a super bulky yarn…first then when i got the hang of it, it was def. an aaahah moment! im currently in the process of making this hat. I love the ribbing and the yarn saver of not having to use bpdc/fpdc for a ribbed effect. i am using a skein of bernats, self striping yarn in mosiac and only have one..just wondering how much yarn is your completed project?

  4. Very cute! Did you do a visual tutorial for the stitch? I can’t seem to find it. :o) Also, when you say “repeat rows 2 and 3” do you mean rows 1 and 2? I’m also not seeing a row 3. Thanks so much!

  5. Just started your ribby slouch hat. Love the stitch pattern – it’s different and fun. And love love the fact that it does indeed look like I’ve been knitting! Thanks for pattern and tutorial. Great job. I’ll sent a pic when hat is finished.

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