Tunisian shorties!

Tunisian shorties! Hooray!

I’ve only seen one pattern for tunisian longies/shorties, so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while πŸ™‚ I’m pretty excited about it! I’ll be making a second pair for DD that are cotton, so she can have some comfy summer shorts too.

These are pretty trim, but I’ve put in plenty of short rows for cloth booties.(A note on that-if you do 2 colors like I did, you will have A LOT of ends to weave in πŸ˜› just to warn you.. ) It’s worked top down, in the round using a double ended hook. It’s my favorite method for tunisian in the round and there are some good videos of it on youtube if you need. You’ll need 2 working skeins of yarn, hence why I used 2 different colors..easy way to make it interesting,albeit a bit of a pain for weaving in ends πŸ˜‰

Baby booty! Without a cloth dipe, so a lil saggy.

Size is for a toddler, about a 2T. and I’ll have to find my notes on rise and such. Waist is about 19 in, rise 22 in give or take. Feel free to add more or take away in the short rows as you need.


Size H double ended hook. I used one that was 10 in long, and it worked well for me

WW wool yarn in 2 skeins-I used Patons, which is also on the lighter side of worsted, just to let you know. Note-wordpress is apparently really special when it comes to changing font, and I wrote the pattern notes on my DH’s computer, which does not have word on it, and when I copied and pasted it made my font tiny and apparently impossible to change without knowledge of html. sigh.

TSS-Tunisian Simple Stitch

Increase-Work an increase by inserting hook into next horizontal bar after the designated number of TSS sts (ie insert into next horizontal bar after the 10th tss st)

ch 60 with first skein, sl st into back hump of first ch to join into round.

Work a basic foundation row to get you set up (seeΒ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQfp88HI2WYΒ for a great video on how to start and work in tunisian in the round)

Rounds 1-5: TSS around

Round 6: Increase every 10th st around. 66 sts

Round 7: Work even around, placing (if you haven’t done so already) one stitch marker at beginning (I’ll designate this marker 1), and one stitch marker halfway(I’ll designate this marker 2). Half of your sts will be the front side, half will be the back side, and the markers help this out πŸ™‚

Next you’ll start working in some short rows on the back side as you work

Round 8: Work even to 10 sts before end (1st marker), work return pass to 10 sts before 2nd marker, forward pass to end.

Round 9: Work even to 9 sts before end (1st marker), work return pass to 9 sts before 2nd marker, forward pass to end.

Rounds 10-12: Work even around

Rounds 13-14: Repeat rounds 8-9

Round 15: Work even to 8 sts before 1st marker,return pass to 8 sts before 2nd marker, forward pass to end.

Round 16: Work even to 7 sts before 1st marker, return pass to 7 sts before 2nd marker, forward pass to end

Rounds 17-21: Work even

Round 22: This row will have a short row section on the back side- Work even to 6 sts before 1st marker, return pass to 6 sts before 2nd marker, Β work forward pass to 4 sts before 1st marker, return pass to 4 sts before 2nd marker, forward pass to 1 st before 1st marker, return pass to 1 st before 2nd marker, forward pass to end, return pass to 2nd marker, forward pass to end.

Rounds 23-24: Work even


I used an extra bit of yarn, so I didn’t have to break my working yarn. I also got lazy and did it in one color πŸ˜› haha! It’s hard to spot while she’s wearing them so I don’t mind, and neither does she πŸ˜‰

Find middlemost 11 sts on the backside. With rs facing, join yarn to first of 11 sts and work a tss forward pass. Return pass as normal.

Row 1: tss across. return pass 11 sts

Row 2: Tss to last 2 sts, tss2tog, return pass to last 2 sts (3 loops on hook), yo and pull thru all 3 loops on hook. 9 sts

Rows 3-4: repeat row 1

Repeat rows 1-4 once more

Next row: tss across, do not return pass!

Find middlemost 6 sts on front sides

Graft the gusset to these 6 sts using your favorite method-I used kitchener actually! The 6 sts are still ‘live’ so I worked it just the same as knit sts. πŸ™‚ knitty.com has a good photo tutorial if you are unfamiliar with it.


If you did not break your yarn, this first leg is slightly easier. This should also be the right leg. Grab up your yarn again, work a forward pass (13 sts) to gusset, pick up 10 sts along side of gusset, forward pass to end (11 sts) You should have 34 sts.

Rounds 1-9: work even around.

Round 10: work a bind off row. Note-if not adding a trim or ribbing, I’d recommend binding off in tps (tunisian purl st) to help control curling.

Attach yarn to other leg at marker, and work as for right leg.

Work whatever typing of ribbing you like at the top of shorties-I picked up sts and worked 1×1 ribbing in knitting for 6 rows. You could do slip stitch ribbing in crochet, fpdc/bpdc ribbing, sc ribbing, or a drawstring of some kind. All up to you!

Make the legs longer and turn these into longies! πŸ™‚ Make them yours!

I’ll post more pics after I try out a cotton pair too. πŸ™‚ enjoy! And please buzz me with any questions you may have.


2 thoughts on “Tunisian shorties!

  1. Did your double ended hook have the cord in the middle so that it was bendable? I got a 10″ metal double ended hook from Joann’s before I thoroughly read your pattern and now I can’t figure out how to do the foundation row in the round – b/c obviously I can’t have each stitch from a circle on a straight hook. HELP!

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