Mostly in a big cloud of work and fuzziness.

But seriously, it has been a hectic summer. New boss, lost our asst mgr, having to work a lot more, yada yada. 😛 Leaves little time for blogging and crafting. Serious bummer.

I am starting to crochet and knit more though, with a slight chill in the night air lately. I’m working on a pair of mittens for DD that I’ll put a pattern up for as soon as I finish the second one…the joys of second mitten syndrome.

I want to get more into pattern writing, and for the love of god put some things back into my etsy! AHH it’s been barren for so long! 😥

This is an emotional post. Time for a picture.

Look! Something nicer than my frazzled typing. I think it rather looks like dragon scales. And it’s far too warm to convince DD to model one for me. Soon enough, though. I rather like the way they turned out, so I may end up making myself a pair! haha.

They’re done in tunisian, and some slip stitches for the bottom and thumb. I really really REALLY like slip stitch crochet. It’ll be making an appearance in future patterns. Probably a lot.

I also recently got into knooking. For those unfamiliar with that, it’s using a modded crochet hook to knit! Gotta love crochet! I will probably do some patterns with that as well. For those looking to get into it I’d recommend joining the ravelry group knooking.  There’s a webpage out there somewhere, but I especially like the group. Same goes for slip stitching-there’s a fantastic slip stitch crochet group on ravelry. With some majorly skilled crocheters in it. I really recommend checking them out.

I will try to get better about updating my blog. 😛 Sorry for the few posts this summer!


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