Lazy sundays…and chili!

Sundays here are generally lazy. At least, I try my best to keep it that way. I clean my house, I cook a nice dinner. I craft when the mood strikes (currently working on a tunisian baby sweater…I’m keeping notes).

I have recently found an awesome blog by the nicest gal! She’s also gluten free which is FABULOUS for me, and she put up THE BEST roll recipe! Here’s a link for those interested:

I’m currently on my third roll, while eating a big ol’ bowl of white bean chili. I really ought to start writing down my recipes on occasion, because sometimes they actually turn out really well! haha. Maybe next time…


Lookithat. loooook. YUM. so good with strawberry jam.

I based a hot ‘wing’ recipe loosely off her vegan wings recipe too. I must recommend that as well!! Hot cauliflower ‘wings’ are soooo freaking good. I’m glad I only made so many, as I devoured every. single. one.

I really really really….don’t miss having meat. I do, however, need more tofutti sour cream. That stuff is great.


Goes so well on chili!!

Hopefully more patterns soon too!

DIY Snowed in day!

Ok so the weather outside is terrible. Which prompted me to start making goodies of course! Staves off the cabin fever 😉 hehe.

First up I decided to attempt bread. It’s still rising right now…had to toss the first batch away cuz I dumped in too much flour to begin with >.< oops! Note to the beginner: pour in like maybe 1/4 cup at a time. I didn’t use nearly the amount of flour the recipe called for! I’ll post some pics of that if it ends up tasty 🙂

I also thought about things we use that could be made at home with less preservatives and better taste. So I picked…ketchup! Weird I’m sure. But I loove me some ketchup. And I found some recipes online using just tomato paste! It was actually really easy! One can of paste, some water, some apple cider vinegar and an assortment of spices. Chinese 5 spice works well 😉 Oh some brown sugar for sweetness too. It made more than I would’ve imagined!

Had to use 3 baby food jars for all of it! But that could be handy…separate jars for everyone!

Next up was homemade mayonnaise. First off if you do not have an electric mixer or hand mixer, go get one. This takes freaking forever by hand!! Seriously, it took close to an hour to beat this stuff into shape. All it is is egg yolks and oil, plus lemon juice or vinegar. But you have to add the oil sllllowwwwwwwwwwwwly. Very slowly, so as to avoid weird egg drop soup goo. I was adept at avoiding that but had to call reinforcements for egg beating. Poor Devin worked hard for something he didn’t much care for! I like it but then again I like the taste of olive oil. I added garlic and lemon to it as well to help with the strong oil taste. I’d recommend a lighter oil if you’re going to attempt it!

Well hopefully I can try out making butter too…mmm! 😀 I’ll share my experience if I try that as well! I’m off to go attempt a second loaf of bread while this one is baking…