Lazy sundays…and chili!

Sundays here are generally lazy. At least, I try my best to keep it that way. I clean my house, I cook a nice dinner. I craft when the mood strikes (currently working on a tunisian baby sweater…I’m keeping notes).

I have recently found an awesome blog by the nicest gal! She’s also gluten free which is FABULOUS for me, and she put up THE BEST roll recipe! Here’s a link for those interested:

I’m currently on my third roll, while eating a big ol’ bowl of white bean chili. I really ought to start writing down my recipes on occasion, because sometimes they actually turn out really well! haha. Maybe next time…


Lookithat. loooook. YUM. so good with strawberry jam.

I based a hot ‘wing’ recipe loosely off her vegan wings recipe too. I must recommend that as well!! Hot cauliflower ‘wings’ are soooo freaking good. I’m glad I only made so many, as I devoured every. single. one.

I really really really….don’t miss having meat. I do, however, need more tofutti sour cream. That stuff is great.


Goes so well on chili!!

Hopefully more patterns soon too!

New projects, new endeavors

Hope everyone is having a good summer. Ours has been hot here, and we’ve had a recent invasion of out -of-towners for an event in town. I’ve been working a new job since November, and it’s going to pick up again on hours here shortly for back to school. But, I hope to keep up on the blogs better than I have been..

One thing I’ve gotten into has been slip stitch crochet. It has a lot of other aliases (bosnian, pjoning) but essentially they’re all meaning working in nothing but slip stitches.

Here’s an example:

ImageA very close-up of a washcloth I made.

There are four basic stitches of slip stitch crochet (I think i’m just going to abbreviate it as ss crochet):

FLO-front loop only. Just like it says, insert your hook thru the front loop only, front to back.

BLO-back loop only. Like flo, just in back loop.

The other two require you to turn your hook and point it towards you. Or rather, invert it.

iF-inverse front. Invert your hook, and insert your hook back to front in the front loop.

iB-inverse back. Like iF, just in back loop.

There are other stitches, but these are what start you off. Incidentally, I started a youtube channel and I showed these stitches! (Plus a really cool way to start your work, instead of chaining or foundation crochet.) Here’s the link:

I set it up because, well, I love ss crochet and have been writing patterns for it. And trying to get better at it. I need to add some more videos on different stitches, but it’s a good primer.

Here are some examples of what you can do with it:

ImageA lacy ascot I made for myself

ImageA hat and booties set for my DD’s baby doll

ImageA hat (that is a pattern for adults and kids)

Pretty cool, right? If you want to, I’d recommend getting some books on it. Bendy Carter’s “Knit 1 Purl 2 in Crochet” is all about slip stitches, though she does use different terminology. (knit usually refers to blo or flo, purl refers to inverse stitches). I have gotten some great books in German as well, so if you can read German/feel like a challenge both of Tanja Osswald’s books are wonderful!

I have written up a dishcloth pattern if I have you interested enough 😉 it’s been up for download at ravelry and craftsy, but I’ll post it here too. If you ever want a pdf version, just head over to one of those sites. Or message me. Either way.

In this pattern I mention the co/bo method. It’s called cast on/bind off method, and it was in Bendy Carter’s book. It’s fantastic, and it’s basically a modded version of long tail cast on in knitting. I have a video how to on that youtube channel I linked to. If it’s too strange though, you can definitely just chain to start.



M hook

WW cotton yarn (Peaches n Cream) less than half a skein makes one cloth

Stitches Used:

Front Loop Only (flo)-slip stitches front to back (point hook away from you) in the front loop only.

Inverse Back (iB)-slip stitches back to front (point hook towards you) in the back loop only.

You can start this pattern with whatever your preference is: chaining or using the co/bo method. Either one will work.


co/bo OR chain 25 sts

Rows 1-4: flo across

Row 5: flo across

Row 6: *flo 3 sts, iB 19 sts, flo 3 sts*

Rows 7-22: repeat last 2 rows

Rows 23- 26: flo across


Mostly in a big cloud of work and fuzziness.

But seriously, it has been a hectic summer. New boss, lost our asst mgr, having to work a lot more, yada yada. 😛 Leaves little time for blogging and crafting. Serious bummer.

I am starting to crochet and knit more though, with a slight chill in the night air lately. I’m working on a pair of mittens for DD that I’ll put a pattern up for as soon as I finish the second one…the joys of second mitten syndrome.

I want to get more into pattern writing, and for the love of god put some things back into my etsy! AHH it’s been barren for so long! 😥

This is an emotional post. Time for a picture.

Look! Something nicer than my frazzled typing. I think it rather looks like dragon scales. And it’s far too warm to convince DD to model one for me. Soon enough, though. I rather like the way they turned out, so I may end up making myself a pair! haha.

They’re done in tunisian, and some slip stitches for the bottom and thumb. I really really REALLY like slip stitch crochet. It’ll be making an appearance in future patterns. Probably a lot.

I also recently got into knooking. For those unfamiliar with that, it’s using a modded crochet hook to knit! Gotta love crochet! I will probably do some patterns with that as well. For those looking to get into it I’d recommend joining the ravelry group knooking.  There’s a webpage out there somewhere, but I especially like the group. Same goes for slip stitching-there’s a fantastic slip stitch crochet group on ravelry. With some majorly skilled crocheters in it. I really recommend checking them out.

I will try to get better about updating my blog. 😛 Sorry for the few posts this summer!

Hello! New pattern soon..

AH I have been busy lately! Finally we are getting nice weather (though still plenty of gusty wind..) so I’ve been out in the yard quite a bit.

I am, however, working on a pair of tunisian longies/shorties for my daughter (probably will be shorties since it’s quickly going to be too hot for longies) and I want to post the pattern when I’m done. I’ve taken my time with it so I hope it will turn out nicely. I also chose to do 2 colors which has slowed me down further 😛 haha but oh well.

Take care!

Holy Blog Views, Batman!!

So I hit over 1200 views the other day!! WOOO!

That’s really exciting!! So, free patterns are gonna keep coming as a thank you!

I’ll be updating this posting with a version of my Circe Cardigan for a baby (my daughter’s a 16 months, so for her) and probably another hat pattern or two. 🙂 thanks again!!

Submissions and pimping

Hey all!! So, whilst I work on my next two patterns, I’m going to contemplate some submission ideas for this cool calendar coming 2012:

An amigurumi calendar!!! AHHH!! ❤ squee. I lurv me some amigurumi, so you bet your buns I’ll be entering!! My mind is reeling with ideas by now too… o.O

I think I’ll probably start doing more amigurumi patterns and toys too, and possibly sell both online and at local crafty shows. Which leads me to say…


this is a cute lil fuzzy bunny…that could be yours!

This is the pimping part of my post. haha. But, my blog devoted to my store has, sadly, not gotten much attention.

Totally check it out!’t seem to update as often. But that will change. I’m going to be adding patterns there and more gift type items as we roll into pre-holiday season (urgh) so stay tuned!

I think I may submit patterns to mags and ezines as well. Maybe it’s pattern fever, but I’m finding it pretty darn fun.

Overcast skies, simple afternoons

Bark in the park went really well, despite Flaming Gorge Days being the same day and increasingly strong winds. But it’s Wyoming, so what can you do? I sold my 2 pet beds before I even got set up! woo-hoo! I sold out of quite a few items and some garnered absolutely no interest. Good way to test out some items to see reactions 🙂 the kitty fishing poles went almost as fast too! yay for kitty love!

I realize it took me a while to post about it (bark in the park was saturday) but life got busy and er…I forgot to take pictures haha! My friend ashley stopped by and took one at least, so I’ll try and get that up. But I’m trying to get all nice and organized for farmer’s market!! Starts July  8th so be ready! 🙂 I’m getting rather over-ambitious ideas for my booth, so hopefully I’ll have everything ready-ish ..haha. I made a prototype new design for a swiffer mop pad, then immediately gave it to someone else to test out soo I’ll wait till I hear back on how it works before I post it up here. I’ll probably include a lil tutorial on how to make it as well. 🙂 I made a new version of a knit dishcloth sponge/scrubbie, and I’ll post a second post of the pattern itself.

I’ve also been busy in the kitchen..getting better at making bread! I made a wheat bread this afternoon. Not as fluffy as I would like but at least I didn’t destroy it! haha. I successfully made ginger syrup last night and combined with club soda to make-ginger ale! Too cool! It’s pretty refreshing and spicy, much different than regular ginger ale. Delish! I also started a sourdough proof and am attempting a ginger proof as well…I’d like to make sourdough bread and ginger beer! Along with some fruit soda. .blackberry, huckleberry perhaps? 🙂 My sourdough proof is already getting some yeast, but no go on the ginger proof…so we’ll see how it does. Takes a week at least for each to develop so I just need to be patient.

I also bought a fantastic book called “The Urban Homestead:Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City” which is marvelous and totally inspiring. It’s where I got the idea for the sourdough starter, and I am thinking I will try out a diy solar dehydrator to make some sun dried tomatoes! I totally recommend this book for anyone with a diy attitude! I”ll post pics if I accomplish the dehydrator 🙂

Well I’m going to start some supper. I’ll be sure to take pics my first day at farmer’s market!

DIY Snowed in day!

Ok so the weather outside is terrible. Which prompted me to start making goodies of course! Staves off the cabin fever 😉 hehe.

First up I decided to attempt bread. It’s still rising right now…had to toss the first batch away cuz I dumped in too much flour to begin with >.< oops! Note to the beginner: pour in like maybe 1/4 cup at a time. I didn’t use nearly the amount of flour the recipe called for! I’ll post some pics of that if it ends up tasty 🙂

I also thought about things we use that could be made at home with less preservatives and better taste. So I picked…ketchup! Weird I’m sure. But I loove me some ketchup. And I found some recipes online using just tomato paste! It was actually really easy! One can of paste, some water, some apple cider vinegar and an assortment of spices. Chinese 5 spice works well 😉 Oh some brown sugar for sweetness too. It made more than I would’ve imagined!

Had to use 3 baby food jars for all of it! But that could be handy…separate jars for everyone!

Next up was homemade mayonnaise. First off if you do not have an electric mixer or hand mixer, go get one. This takes freaking forever by hand!! Seriously, it took close to an hour to beat this stuff into shape. All it is is egg yolks and oil, plus lemon juice or vinegar. But you have to add the oil sllllowwwwwwwwwwwwly. Very slowly, so as to avoid weird egg drop soup goo. I was adept at avoiding that but had to call reinforcements for egg beating. Poor Devin worked hard for something he didn’t much care for! I like it but then again I like the taste of olive oil. I added garlic and lemon to it as well to help with the strong oil taste. I’d recommend a lighter oil if you’re going to attempt it!

Well hopefully I can try out making butter too…mmm! 😀 I’ll share my experience if I try that as well! I’m off to go attempt a second loaf of bread while this one is baking…