Submissions and pimping

Hey all!! So, whilst I work on my next two patterns, I’m going to contemplate some submission ideas for this cool calendar coming 2012:

An amigurumi calendar!!! AHHH!! ❤ squee. I lurv me some amigurumi, so you bet your buns I’ll be entering!! My mind is reeling with ideas by now too… o.O

I think I’ll probably start doing more amigurumi patterns and toys too, and possibly sell both online and at local crafty shows. Which leads me to say…


this is a cute lil fuzzy bunny…that could be yours!

This is the pimping part of my post. haha. But, my blog devoted to my store has, sadly, not gotten much attention.

Totally check it out!’t seem to update as often. But that will change. I’m going to be adding patterns there and more gift type items as we roll into pre-holiday season (urgh) so stay tuned!

I think I may submit patterns to mags and ezines as well. Maybe it’s pattern fever, but I’m finding it pretty darn fun.