Hole. E. Smokes.

I had not realized how long I have let time lapse while I let this poor blog sit idle. I plan to fix that! 


Life came at me kind of quickly last year, in fact, exactly a year ago. I separated and have become a hard working single mother, with little down time (but also a body in better shape, go hard labor!), but as we roll into the winter here in Wyoming I should be able to at LEAST make a post once a week or every two. I mean, c’mon. Haha. 


Especially after I had an interview with our local newspaper, The Rocket Miner! Yikes! I will probably get some traffic to the site from that, and I do not want to disappoint.


I am trying to catch up on comments but if I miss something please just send me another or a message. I’ve been dabbling in other diy areas, and am trying to get more into herbal medicines. I have ideas for making my own supplements, but I am a ways off from that. Cold season comes with winter, obviously, so I hope to combat it a little bit better this year (By the way, Wyoming really only has 3 seasons: winter, HOT, and construction. Mostly winter). I’ve suffered a bit in health this year, the most recent battling it out with GERD/reflux that came out of NOWHERE, right after a week long nasty cold. I will say that the best thing for it that I have found is….pineapple juice. Who’d have thunk it, huh? 


I thank you for those who have stuck around with me, and for anyone new to my blog. 🙂