Green direct selling?

So I’ve been thinking about when I sold Avon and I’m starting to wonder, ‘is there a company who  sells anything environmentally friendly?’ and I found out that yes! There are actually quite a few companies who are turning to a more green path and target their products towards green minded people.

I’ve found a few that I may actually join! I know that I express an interest in making things myself, but I know to help others start a greener lifestyle a DIY life may be more cumbersome than they desire…I know everyone has it in them to take a step in a green direction but I know it can be tough to start. I think joining a direct selling company would be a good way to introduce people to items that can help to transition away from harmful items (ie some reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags)

I still want to show people simple things they can make to save on money and help the environment. I’ll be posting soon about homemade cleaning wipes as well as homemade makeup remover wipes…two items I absolutely love but hate buying >.<

As with anything worth doing, it’s all about starting small and just keeping at it! Who knows, maybe I’ll start exercising more regularly!

….well let’s not get carried away…. 🙂