Super Bum Soaker!

I hardly ever see woolly soakers done in Tunisian. When I was first learning Tunisian I thought it’d be perfect for a soaker!! Super thick=super protection, right? Especially for naptime/nighttime usage!

Thus a super cushy soaker was born! And it is a poofy beastie, as I usually am over zealous about DD’s naptime/nightime cloth diapers. Too many leaks..

Mine still needs to lanolized, but I’m pretty happy about it! Next I’m going to make one not quite so big so it can cover trimmer diapers a little more nicely.

And of course I’m sharing the pattern! 🙂

Super Bum Soaker

Size L-XL Waist is about 19-20″, rise about 19″


WW wool yarn-I used Paton’s Classic, along with some unlabeled yarn for the waistband

H Hook-regular crochet hook

KHook-Must be Tunisian hook

TKS-Tunisian knit stitch

INC-Increase by inserting hook into very next horizontal bar (right before next vertical bar to be worked) yo & pull up a loop.

With h hook, ch 8, sc in 2nd ch from loop and each across. 7 sts

Row 1: ch 1, turn. Sc in back loop only.

Repeat row 1 30 more times. Back waistband made

Switch to K hook.

Pick up 33 sts along waistband. Work return pass. 34 sts.

Pic of work after row 2..ish.

Row 1: tks in first st, [inc, tks in next 2 sts] repeat [] across, tks in last 2 sts. Work return pass. 50 sts

Rows 2-4: tks across. Work return pass.

Row 5: tks to last 5 sts, then work a return pass back to the first 5 sts, tks to end, work a return pass all the way back. Short row section made. See following pics:

Coming up on end of short on the forward pass to the end. See the jump there? We’ll get rid of it and any holes by doing the following:

Insert hook into both the end stitch and the top of the next horizontal bar, yo & pull up a loop.

See? Pulls it nice and tight together. When you return pass, you do nothing unusual. But, when working the next forward pass, you’ll want to cover up the gap made at the other end, doing a similar thing:

Gap. No good! We’ll do about the same thing here. Insert your hook into the horizontal bar below, then into the next stitch, yo & pull up a loop.

Pulls together nicely! You can skip this if it’s too confusing, or if you aren’t bothered by the gaps.

Row 6-11: tks across, work return pass.

Row 12: repeat row 5

Rows 13-14: tks across, work return pass.

Row 15: tks to last 2 sts, tks2tog, return pass to last 2 sts(3 loops on hook), yo & pull through last 2 sts (pull through all 3 loops). 48 sts

Row 16: tks across, work return pass.

Row 17: repeat row 15. 46 sts

Row 18: work another short row, going to last 3 sts of either side.

R0w 19: repeat row 15. 44 sts

Row 20: tks across, work return pass.

Rows 21-28: repeat row 15. 28 sts

Rows 29-36: tks across, work return pass.

Row 37: inc, tks to last st, inc. 30 sts

Rows 38-42 : repeat row 37-should end with 40 sts

Rows 43-55: tks across, work return pass. 40 sts

Row 56: tks in first 7 sts, [tks2tog, tks in next 6 sts] repeat [] across to last 6 sts, tks in next 4, tks2tog in last 2 sts. Return pass to last 2 sts(3 loops on hook), yo & pull through last 2 sts (all 3 loops). 34 sts

Row 57: tks across, work return pass.

Bind off in tks.

Switch to H hook, Attach yarn to right side of top of work (rs facing). If you don’t switch to the opposite side, you’ll get a weird edge, more so if you work a second color in the waistband as I did.

Ch 8, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each down, sl st in next 2 sts

Turn, skip sl sts, sc in back loops only.

Ch 1, turn. Sc in back loops only, sl st in next 2 sts

Repeat this across the top to make front of waistband.

Sorry that it’s fairly dark. This one was taken at night! But here’s the cover lying flat.

Fold cover and line up sides

All sewn up!

Sew up sides using favorite method-I use basically a mattress stitch.


With H hook, join yarn to leg opening.

Ch 11, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch down, sl st in next 2 sts. 10 sts

Skip 2 sl sts, sc in back loops only, ch 1 and turn.

Sc in back loops only, sl st in next 2 sts.

Work in this fashion around leg opening, then sl st sides together.

Repeat for other leg.

Or, do a simple crochet leg opening, or a knitted rib, or whatever you prefer.

Lanolize and put on your lil one!


Yummy Homemade Toothpaste

I finally got a good combination down for homemade toothpaste!

My bf had major complaints on my last few attempts…too baking  soda tasting every time.  Which, I had to agree..and it’s hard to get someone to switch to homemade toothpaste if it tastes like you’re chewing baking soda. Yuck!

I don’t have any pictures just yet..I’ll upload some after my next batch. I had someone ask me to make them some so probably after I get theirs made!

Yummy Homemade Toothpaste

these measurements are approximate..adjust to suit your tastes

1 tsp Dr Bronners Liquid Castile Soap (I used the peppermint kind)

1 Stevia Packet

3 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp aloe vera

3-4 tsp baking soda

Few drops of essential oil(I added 3 drops of spearmint. Mine was plenty minty with the peppermint soap!)

Few drops of Vit E oil (optional)

Splash of hot water



In a medium bowl, put splash of hot water and stevia together. Add coconut oil and aloe vera. Whisk together. Blend in the baking soda. Add the soap and whisk like crazy! It’ll froth up a bit and look just like commercial toothpaste!

Add the essential oils (if any) and then put in a jar or tube. I put mine in a little travel tube, but it was quite the pain to get it in there nicely..but then I have a nice lil tube of fresh toothpaste. Your choice.

It doesn’t froth up like regular toothpaste, but it also doesn’t taste like baking soda. Woo hoo! Big score there.  I’m wondering if there would be any merit to adding  Vitamin A or anything else to it. I’ll post any changes I make that I think are beneficial.


Veggies galore!

So I’ve been looking into raw food recipes to see what new ways I can make some veggie dishes.  I figure, if you’re living a raw lifestyle you must know how to make some good veggie dishes!

Boy I have not been disappointed so far! Last night, I tried out this crazy recipe:

Raw chocolate pudding???

I know. Total WTF moment there at first..especially when you read the ingredients! What sold me was the picture. That picture just looks like any other chocolate pudding!! I had to try it out.

And holy moly was I surprised!  Tasted like chocolate pudding..even had the right texture. How cool is that?!

So I thought I’d try another that seems pretty popular.

Green smoothies.

Looks like I blended a ninja turtle, doesn’t it?

Once again, I was freakishly surprised. I threw in a handful of kale in with some frozen mango, plum and apple. I added some homemade grape juice because I have a ton of it 😛

It was yummy! My only complaint was I didn’t peel the plum…but that was me being lazy. I couldn’t taste the kale at all!

But I thought it needed validation from the highest source..

Hmm….I think…..this is delicious!!!

You can’t take this from me!!!

So I think that’s a big win there! Roxy agrees. She wouldn’t let me have it back to fill it up more! Haha so cute!

I also tried making some walnut milk as we have a giant bag of it! It turned out pretty well too-I got it a lil thin, but it tastes good with some vanilla extract. I don’t think making your own nut milk is very economical, unless you can find a cheap source of nuts. I about had a heart attack when I saw how much nuts were in the store! 😛 Well, that’s what I get for living in the middle of nowhere.

I’ll be yammering about veggies for a while..I’m experimenting too much not to yammer about it!


Free Knit Sponge Scrubbie Pattern

Knit sponge!

A knit sponge, perfect for pot scrubbing, counter scrubbing, or made large enough car scrubbing! 😀

This is more a general idea on how to make a sponge, so feel free to change what you like in the pattern!


Worsted weight kitchen cotton yarn (I used peaches n cream)

Size 7 needles

G crochet hook

Pattern is worked in two pieces, then crocheted together.


Side 1

CO 15 stitches. Work Stockinette stitch for desired length-I worked mine about a normal sponge length, little over 4 inches in length.


Side 2

CO 15 stitches. Work in Seed stitch (k1, p1) for same length as side 1. BO.

Note-if you slip the first stitch of every row, it makes for easier sewing/crocheting up!


Put sides together, with knit side of stockinette facing out. I just tucked my loose ends into the body of the sponge, but you can weave them in if you like. To put together, you’re going to work reverse single/crab stitch crochet around the edges. Join the yarn to one corner, and work all around. I found it wasn’t really necessary to add extra stitch into the corners, but if it helps even things out by all means go for it. If you’re not sure how to do reverse single, it can be kind of wonky at first but works well for a thick edge, which is nice on a sponge 🙂 You pretty much just work backwards with a single crochet stitch. There are youtube videos to help you out with it 🙂

When you get back to the start, slip a stitch to the first single crochet and weave in your end. voila! sponge!

I may try putting an i-cord edging around too… purl bee has a nice tutorial for this

Please post pics if you make some, or let me know if you have any questions! I’ll post this pattern to Ravelry as well 😀

*Please feel free to use this pattern to make sponges for yourself, your mama, your buddy, your charity and your crafting business. Any patterns I post to this site for free feel welcome to do the same. I realize that yarn is pricey, time is precious, and that sharing your handknits is something that many people want to do! Just show me some props for creation of the pattern, especially if you sell on etsy or other online store 😀 Thanks!

Overcast skies, simple afternoons

Bark in the park went really well, despite Flaming Gorge Days being the same day and increasingly strong winds. But it’s Wyoming, so what can you do? I sold my 2 pet beds before I even got set up! woo-hoo! I sold out of quite a few items and some garnered absolutely no interest. Good way to test out some items to see reactions 🙂 the kitty fishing poles went almost as fast too! yay for kitty love!

I realize it took me a while to post about it (bark in the park was saturday) but life got busy and er…I forgot to take pictures haha! My friend ashley stopped by and took one at least, so I’ll try and get that up. But I’m trying to get all nice and organized for farmer’s market!! Starts July  8th so be ready! 🙂 I’m getting rather over-ambitious ideas for my booth, so hopefully I’ll have everything ready-ish ..haha. I made a prototype new design for a swiffer mop pad, then immediately gave it to someone else to test out soo I’ll wait till I hear back on how it works before I post it up here. I’ll probably include a lil tutorial on how to make it as well. 🙂 I made a new version of a knit dishcloth sponge/scrubbie, and I’ll post a second post of the pattern itself.

I’ve also been busy in the kitchen..getting better at making bread! I made a wheat bread this afternoon. Not as fluffy as I would like but at least I didn’t destroy it! haha. I successfully made ginger syrup last night and combined with club soda to make-ginger ale! Too cool! It’s pretty refreshing and spicy, much different than regular ginger ale. Delish! I also started a sourdough proof and am attempting a ginger proof as well…I’d like to make sourdough bread and ginger beer! Along with some fruit soda. .blackberry, huckleberry perhaps? 🙂 My sourdough proof is already getting some yeast, but no go on the ginger proof…so we’ll see how it does. Takes a week at least for each to develop so I just need to be patient.

I also bought a fantastic book called “The Urban Homestead:Your Guide to Self-sufficient Living in the Heart of the City” which is marvelous and totally inspiring. It’s where I got the idea for the sourdough starter, and I am thinking I will try out a diy solar dehydrator to make some sun dried tomatoes! I totally recommend this book for anyone with a diy attitude! I”ll post pics if I accomplish the dehydrator 🙂

Well I’m going to start some supper. I’ll be sure to take pics my first day at farmer’s market!

DIY Snowed in day!

Ok so the weather outside is terrible. Which prompted me to start making goodies of course! Staves off the cabin fever 😉 hehe.

First up I decided to attempt bread. It’s still rising right now…had to toss the first batch away cuz I dumped in too much flour to begin with >.< oops! Note to the beginner: pour in like maybe 1/4 cup at a time. I didn’t use nearly the amount of flour the recipe called for! I’ll post some pics of that if it ends up tasty 🙂

I also thought about things we use that could be made at home with less preservatives and better taste. So I picked…ketchup! Weird I’m sure. But I loove me some ketchup. And I found some recipes online using just tomato paste! It was actually really easy! One can of paste, some water, some apple cider vinegar and an assortment of spices. Chinese 5 spice works well 😉 Oh some brown sugar for sweetness too. It made more than I would’ve imagined!

Had to use 3 baby food jars for all of it! But that could be handy…separate jars for everyone!

Next up was homemade mayonnaise. First off if you do not have an electric mixer or hand mixer, go get one. This takes freaking forever by hand!! Seriously, it took close to an hour to beat this stuff into shape. All it is is egg yolks and oil, plus lemon juice or vinegar. But you have to add the oil sllllowwwwwwwwwwwwly. Very slowly, so as to avoid weird egg drop soup goo. I was adept at avoiding that but had to call reinforcements for egg beating. Poor Devin worked hard for something he didn’t much care for! I like it but then again I like the taste of olive oil. I added garlic and lemon to it as well to help with the strong oil taste. I’d recommend a lighter oil if you’re going to attempt it!

Well hopefully I can try out making butter too…mmm! 😀 I’ll share my experience if I try that as well! I’m off to go attempt a second loaf of bread while this one is baking…

Green direct selling?

So I’ve been thinking about when I sold Avon and I’m starting to wonder, ‘is there a company who  sells anything environmentally friendly?’ and I found out that yes! There are actually quite a few companies who are turning to a more green path and target their products towards green minded people.

I’ve found a few that I may actually join! I know that I express an interest in making things myself, but I know to help others start a greener lifestyle a DIY life may be more cumbersome than they desire…I know everyone has it in them to take a step in a green direction but I know it can be tough to start. I think joining a direct selling company would be a good way to introduce people to items that can help to transition away from harmful items (ie some reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags)

I still want to show people simple things they can make to save on money and help the environment. I’ll be posting soon about homemade cleaning wipes as well as homemade makeup remover wipes…two items I absolutely love but hate buying >.<

As with anything worth doing, it’s all about starting small and just keeping at it! Who knows, maybe I’ll start exercising more regularly!

….well let’s not get carried away…. 🙂