And it’s snowed. already.

Hooray for living in Wyoming. It’s already nasty and cold outside, and the snow is trying desperately to cling to my yard. Hats are being made as well as gloves, as I’m evidently already behind now. My obsession with making my crochet look knit continues, and I tried making a hat for DD with post stitches, but I used half double crochets instead of double crochets. It worked out pretty nicely! It’s actually pretty stretchy, and visually much nicer than double or treble post stitches.

On DD’s lil noggin. she actually kept stealing it and trying to ‘crochet’ it herself. mostly it got stabbed with a hook. cute, regardless 🙂

I didn’t write up a pattern, but I can give you a nice recipe for what I did! I suppose I call it First Snow Beanie.

I used an F hook, and some mystery unlabeled yarn. It’s baby/sport weight, and I’m guessing bernat. It’s acrylic, I can tell that much. I used a bit tighter tension than I usually do, as well. I made it for my 2 yr old daughter, and it’s nice and snug. And covers her ears well.

I started out with 10 dc’s into a magic loop, then joined.

I ch’d 1 at the start of each round, and worked my first st into the same st as join. It makes for a cleaner start.

I worked in hdc from there, and increased by 10 each round. So, first round 2hdc in each st, then every other st on next round, and so on. I worked until I had 90 sts total. You’ll need to get to a multiple of 6, whatever size you’ll be making.

After you get to the size you want, you’ll switch to post ribbing, but hdc post st ribbing. I started with 2 bphdc, then 1 fphdc. So, a 2×1 rib pattern. I just worked in that until I got the length I wanted!

It’s so cute! And she lets me keep putting it on her. Which is a good sign…means I shouldn’t have to add ties to make it stay on, but knock on wood there. I’d like to make an adult one for her daddy, since he’s out in the cold during the day 😦 poor daddy! I already made him one hat but it never hurts to have more.

I’m working on some mittens for her to match. I’ve got one made so far, but I wrote down exactly what I did on these.

The ribbing got a little slack, but I keep getting distracted whilst making it..not to mention more toddler ‘crochet’ work was put into it. hehe. But that does seem to effect the ribbing, which doesn’t look as nice as the hat. I’ll have to see how the second mitten turns out. I’ll post the mitten pattern after I get the second one done and make sure there are no errors in it.

The hat off her head. It actually cinches up quite more than I’d thought it would. Yay! I may make one for myself, if I can convince myself to wear tight hats. haha.

Hope you enjoy! More posts to come as I get my craft mode set to ON for the gift giving season. 🙂

Chunk Slouch

I had a small skein of super chunk yarn staring me down today…so I whipped up this lil slouch hat in about 20 min. Hooray for chunk yarn!

Chunk Slouch Hat

P/Q Hook

L Hook

Super Chunk Yarn-I used about a skein of Lion Brand Hometown

6 dc into magic loop, join to first dc.

Round 1: Ch 2, dc in same st as join, 2 dc in each st around. Join to ch 2. 12 sts

Round 2: Ch 2, [2 dc in next st, dc in next st] around. 18 sts

Round 3: Ch 2, dc in next st, [2 dc in next st, dc in next 2 sts] around. 24 sts

Round 4: Ch 2, dc in next 2 sts, [2 dc in next st, dc in next 3 sts] around. 30 sts

Round 5: Ch 2, dc around. 30 sts

Round 6: Switch to L hook, ch 1, sc in back loops only around.

Round 7: Ch 1, sc in back humps around. See pics below.

Looking at brim. Working in the back humps causes this sideways ‘stocknette’ pattern to emerge.

When you turn your work to look at the back, there is that ‘bump’ sitting behind the 2 loops you normally work into.

Stick your hook into this bump. This is where you place your sc sts to get that look on the brim.

Work your sc in each bump around. See? Not too hard. Just different

Round 8: Ch 1, sc in back humps around.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

That 70s Slouch

I really love slouch hats..I do. 🙂

This is an easy one to whip up, and I plan on making a couple more like it! Some for baby girl too. I think she needs one in a nice yellow color..

I’m going to add a flower to mine, I’m just lazy and haven’t sewn it on yet. Pics are lousy until then too, as I finished this up at night.

Look at that orange!! Bout the same color as my funky wallpaper in my kitchen. I just got new dishes the same color. hehe.

J hook

F hook

WW yarn-I used red heart in ‘carrot’ if you’re wondering.


Working in a spiral, so mark beginning of rounds if you’d like. No joining, just keep on keepin on!

10 dc into magic loop-pull tight to close.

Round 1: 2 dc in each st. 20 sts

Round 2: [1 dc in first st, 2 dc in next st] around. 30 sts

Round 3: [1 dc in first 2 sts, 2 dc in next st] around. 40 sts

Round 4: [1 dc in first 3 sts, 2 dc in next st] around. 50 sts

Round 5: [1 dc in first 9 sts, 2 dc in next st] around. 55 sts

Work even on these stitches until length desired. My hat’s pretty slouchy.. I think I did 6 rows. Yes, I did. Sorry, had to count.

Then switch to F hook, sl st in next st, and then work some ribbing around hat!

Ch 7, turn, hdc in 3rd st from hook and each down, sl st in next 2 sts on hat.

Row 1: Turn, skip 2 sl sts and hdc in back loop only.

Row 2: ch 2, turn and hdc in back loop only back down, sl st in next 2 sts along hat.

Repeat these 2 rows around hat, then either sl st sides together or sew together. (see my circe cardi pattern for more on ribbing worked this way)

The flower is a dark turquoise blue..Roxy may get a peace sign on hers. Or a flower. not sure yet..


Ribby Slouch

The wind will not die down here, so I continue to make hats (also since I keep giving away hats, I keep making them..) and this time I wanted a simple, slouchy hat.  I wanted it to look knit too, so I used a double slip stitch again (like on my Nuance Hat). But since it’s worked flat, you need to slip into your first stitch, then do a double slip stitch in the first stitch as wellin order to not decrease accidentally.

I know the double slip stitch (dsl st) can give some people a problem-but you just need to make sure you are putting 2 sl sts into each st! You start off each sl st row with 1 sl st in the first, then do a dsl st by inserting your hook into the first st again, pulling up a loop, then inserting hook into second st, pulling up a loop, then pulling that loop thru the 2 loops on the hook. Then you’d just work dsl sts across.

I’ll try and get a photo tutorial done so you can have a visual of this stitch too.

G hook

WW wool yarn-I used Patons Classic

Hat is worked flat, then sewn/crocheted up the side and top to close!

Ch 52, hdc in back hump of 3rd ch from hook and each hump across-50 sts

Row 1: Ch 1, turn. Sl st in first st, Dsl st in first st and dsl st across.

Row 2: Ch 2, hdc in back loop only across.

Repeat rows 2 & 3 until hat just fits around head, and make sure your last row is a row 2. Break yarn, then fold rectangle in half and sl st up sides. Put tail onto a needle and sew top closed.

Wah-la! Cute knit-look rib hat!

Tunisian Beanie!

So I wanted a flat crocheted beanie, done in Tunisian. The only one I seemed able to find was done sideways in short rows, and I wanted one done bottom up (nothing against that pattern, it’s really a great pattern!) since I wanted it to look knit, with nice cushy Tunisian warmth!

So of course I had to write a pattern. I can’t make something and not write a pattern anymore. Which is just dandy in my book, since it gives me plenty to share with everyone! 😀

J hook-Tunisian hook

WW yarn-I used some old Red Heart that is freaky hot red, these pics don’t do it justice!

Sewing Needle

Ok, so mine came out a lil long, but I like it that way so it covers my ears. If you want it shorter, do less rows/work until piece measure 5 in.

I tried it on the bf too, and it fit him but was a lil tight. Which he doesn’t like, but if you want it bigger go up hook size/loosen your tension. 🙂

Note- Always skip the actual first stitch on the row, as this is akin to slipping the first stitch in knitting, and helps keep a neater edge in your work.

Return pass always yo & pull thru first loop, then yo & pull thru 2 loops across.

Tks=Tunisian Knit Stitch

Tks2tog=insert hook into 2 stitches, yo & pull up a loop. Decrease made.

Ch 60, pick up back humps across ch. Work a return pass.

Rows 1-20: Tks across sts. Work return pass. 60 sts (or work until piece measures 6 in)

Row 21: Tks in first 7 sts, tks2tog, [tks in 8 sts, tks2tog] repeat

[ ] across. Work return pass. 54 sts

Rows 22-23: Tks across. Work return pass.

Row 24: tks2tog [tks in next 7 sts, tks2tog] repeat [ ] across, tks in last 6 sts. Work return pass. 48 sts

Rows 25-26: Tks across, work return pass.

Row 27: Tks in first 5 sts, tks2tog, [tks in next 6 sts, tks2tog] repeat [ ] across, Work return pass. 42 sts

Rows 28-29: Tks across, work return pass.

Row 30: Tks2tog, [tks in next 5 sts, tks2tog] repeat [ ] across, tks in last 5 sts. Work return pass, 36 sts

Row 31:Tks in first 3 sts, tks2tog [tks in next 4 sts, tks2tog] repeat [ ] across. Work return pass. 30 sts

Row 32: Tks2tog, [tks in next 3 sts, tks2tog] repeat [ ] across, tks in last 3 sts. Work return pass. 24 sts.

Row 33: Tks in first st, tks2tog, [tks in next 2 sts, tks2tog] repeat [ ]  across. Work return pass. 18 sts

Row 34: Tks2tog, [tks in next st, tks2tog] repeat [ ] across. Work return pass. 12 sts

Row 35: Tks2tog across, tks in last st. Work return pass.  7 sts

Work a bind off row in tks, break yarn leaving long tail for sewing.

Thread tail onto needle, and go thru the front loops of each top stitch around, pulling tight to close up top.

Sew down side of hat. Fasten off, weave in ends.

Can’t wait for my hair to grow out 😛 thank goodness for hats!!

Cabled Cobwebs

Here’s the hat pattern I mentioned in my previous post. I really do love crocheted cables! And hats. Who doesn’t love instant gratification hats?

Cabled Cobwebs Hat

J hook

G hook

WW yarn- used some ancient acrylic for mine, maybe 3 oz worth

Magic loop

With J hook,

Ch 3, 2 dc into loop, ch 1, 3 dc into loop repeat this twice, ch 1, join to top of ch 3.

Round 1: Ch 1, fpdc around ch 3 and next 2 dc, ch 3, fpdc around next 3 dc sts, repeat this around to last 3 dc sts, fpdc around each st, ch 3, join to first fpdc.

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 fpdc around first fpdc, fpdc around next fpdc, 2 fpdc around next fpdc, ch 4 repeat this around, join to first fpdc.

Round 3:Ch 1, fpdc around first 2 fpdc sts, 2 fpdc around next fpdc st, fpdc around next 2 fpdc sts, ch 4 repeat this around, join to top of first fpdc.

Round 4: Ch 2, [fptrc around 3rd fpdc st, fptrc around 2nd fpdc st, fptrc around 1st fpdc st], ch , repeat [ ], ch 4 repeat this around, join to top of first fptrc.

Round 5: Ch 1, without untwisting cable of fptrc, fpdc around next 3 fptrc sts, ch 4 repeat this around, join to top of first fpdc.

Round 6: Ch 1, 2 fpdc in each fpdc st, ch 4 repeat this around, join to top of first fpdc.

Round 7:  repeat round 4

Round 8-9: repeat round 5

Round 10: Ch 2, [fptrc around 3rd fpdc st, fptrc around 2nd fpdc st, fptrc around 1st fpdc st], ch 4 repeat this around. Join to top of first fptrc

Repeat rounds 8-10 once more.

Repeat rounds 8-9 once more.

Next row: Switch to a G hook. Ch 2, dc in each st and ch around.  Join to first dc.

Next row: Ch 1, fpdc around first dc, skip next dc, fpdc around next dc repeat this around. Join to top of first fpdc.

Next row: Ch 1, fpdc around first fpdc, bpdc around next fpdc. Repeat this around. Join to top of first fpdc.

Break yarn, fasten off and weave in ends.

Amethyst Hat

Note: I decided to add some wristwarmers to match. Their pattern will be up shortly. 🙂

I’m still on my hat kick, and have been playing around with cables lately, so of course one thing led to another and another hat was born!  Just a simple hat with a cable really, but since I rarely see crochet cabled hats I thought I’d post this one.  I made it a tad on the large side since I dislike hat hair 😛

Amethyst Hat

H hook

I Hook

WW Yarn-I used Red Heart

Using magic loop, 10 dc into loop. Join with sl st to first dc, ch 3.

Round 1: 2 dc in each st around. Join to top ch of first ch 3. Ch 3. 20 sts

Round 2: *1 dc in first st, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 30 sts

Round 3: *1 dc in first 2 sts, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 40 sts

Round 4: *1 dc in first 3 sts, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 50 sts

Round 5: *1 dc in first 4 sts, 2 dc in next st* repeat *to* around. Ch 3. 60 sts

Round 6: dc around. Ch 3. 60 sts

Round 7: dc in first 30 sts, then start cable: fptrc around next 4 sts. Dc to end. Ch 3

Round 8: repeat round 7

Round 9: dc in first 30 sts, fptrc in 4th fptrc from last round (furthest from you) , then in the 3rd on, then the 2nd, then the 1st. You’re twisting the cable by doing this. Dc to end.

not the best picture of the cable…sorry :p

Round 10: dc in first 30sts, fptrc in first fptrc from last round, making sure to keep the twist. Fptrc around next 3 sts, dc to end.

Repeat rounds 7-10 once more.

another picture of the cable. Again, sorry for the quality.

Switch to H hook, repeat round 7 once more, only do fpdc instead of fptrc when you come upon the  cable.

Next round: *fpdc around first dc, bpdc around next dc* repeat *to* around.

Fasten off

Enjoy! ❤

A new hat, a new stitch?

In an effort to do Tunisian in the round in an easy fashion, I played  around with crochet stitches the other night..this resulted in me trying out a hat, which I think came out looking good!….though, decidedly better on my boyfriend…so he got a new hat instead of me.

My plan of attack was to make a crochet stitch that really resembled a knit stitch, much like the Tunisian knit stitch. But without the hassle of working Tunisian in the round..which I have yet to really master.

What I did was to make a foundation row, much like Tunisian: a row of single crochet, followed by a row of spike stitches. These spike stitches make it possible to work the following rows much like Tunisian knit-you insert the hook thru the v made by the spike stitch, pull up a loop, then yo and pull thru the two on the hook.  Essentially, a single crochet made into the spike stitch. This pulls the stitch around, making them look like knit stitches! YAY! The only problem I’ve had so far is making my tension too tight…that’s a giant pain in the arse cuz it makes the next row really difficult to work! So, I’ve used larger hooks than usual to get myself to loosen up. I’m working on a second hat just for myself, since my first one looks pretty darn weird with my short hair.

Here’s D with his new hat:

He looks so happy, huh?

Here’s a close up of the hat so you can see the stitches:

I promise I’ll put up some better pics than with my phone….I just was feelin lazy and didn’t want to charge my camera battery. hehe

Anywho, if you’d like to make this hat, I’m adding the pattern! I’ll add the other one once it’s finished too. I really would welcome some feedback on this, as I have yet to see anyone else do this! If someone has and it has a name, cool! If not, I’ve dubbed it the knit single crochet, or ksc.

P.S.-easiest way to insert the hook is slightly from right to left thru the center (reverse that if you’re a leftie)



F hook

H hook

Worsted weight yarn in

Main Color-MC

Contrast Color-CC


With MC, ch 11

Sc in second ch from hook, and then across. 10 sts. Ch 1, turn.

Row 1: sc in back loop only in each st across. 10 sts.

Repeat this row until band is about 19” (I have a big head) Do no ch 1 after last row

Pic of ribbing:

Joining:  Without twisting, line up ends together and join each matching st with a slip st.

Switch to CC and H hook.Ch 1

Pick up by sc 75 sts. Join with sl st to first sc. Ch 1

Round 1: Sc around, join with sl st. 75 sts. Ch 1

Round 2: Spike st in each st(making sure to do so fairly loosely. Important for next round) going under each sc around. Join w sl st. 75 sts.  Ch 1

Round 3: Here is the fun round! You will sc around, BUT YOU HAVE TO INSERT YOUR HOOK INTO THE V OF SPIKE STITCH. You’re essentially making the knit stitch of Tunisian crochet. Make sure to keep tension loose-it helps a lot. Trust me-it sucks if you do things too tightly. This will make your stitches look like knitting!! Without having to do Tunisian in the round!! Whoopee!! Hmm…I have yet to find anyone else who’d done this, so for this pattern at least I’m going to call this stitch Knit Single Crochet or ksc.

Ksc around, join with sl st.  75 sts. Ch 1

Repeat round 3 twice more.

Switch to MC, and work 4 rounds of ksc.

Work in this pattern so that you have 5 stripes-3 in CC, 2 in MC.

Start decreases

Round 1: In MC,  ch 1 and *ksc 13, then ksc2tog (just as a reg sc dec basically)* repeat * to * around. 70 sts.

Round 2: ch 1, *ksc 12, ksc2tog* repeat * to * around. 65 sts. note-when working into a ksc that was a decrease, insert hook into both v’s made by the decrease.

Round 3: ch 1, *ksc 11, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 60 sts.

Round 4: ch 1, *ksc 10, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 55 sts.

Round 5: Switch to CC, ch 1, *ksc 9, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 50 sts.

Round 6: Ch 1, *ksc 8, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 45 sts.

Round 7: Ch 1, *ksc 7, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 40 sts

Round 8:  Ch 1, *ksc 6, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 35 sts

Round 9: Switch to MC, ch1, *ksc 5, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 30sts

Round 10: Ch 1, *ksc 4, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 25 sts

Round 11: Ch 1, *ksc 3, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 20 sts

Round 12: Ch 1, *ksc 2, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 15 sts

Round 13: Ch 1, *ksc 1, ksc2tog* repeat *to* around. 10 sts

Round 14: Ch 1, ksc2tog around. 5 sts

Break yarn leaving a tail for sewing.  Thread tail into sewing needle, and thread thru front loops of sts, pulling tight to close hole.  Finish off, and weave in ends.

I was so thrilled! 🙂 Please tell me how this works out for you if you try it, even if you just try out the stitch. I really would like some feedback on this!