Sickness monday.

Today, after I got out of the shower and dressed for work, my kiddo threw up.


It was a great way to start a Monday morning. Not.


So, we stayed home and mom frantically cleaned the house. I even whipped up a room spray to fight airborne yuck. I hate lysol, but like to combat colds from any and all angles. I basically made my version of a four thieves vinegar with what essential oils I had on hand. Note: thyme oil reeks to high heaven. And clears a room of all cats.


When I had some downtime during kiddo’s nap, I made more progress on this great little blanket I’m working on. It’s using the catherine wheel crochet technique (it has another name, which I am currently blanking), and the pattern is ‘wool eater blanket’




The fat cat keeps trying to claim it for himself. 


I was so tired by dinner time that I just did soup for us. Basic ramen style for kiddo, and pho for me, with fried tofu for both of us. I am slightly obsessive with pho, and could eat it almost every day I think. Something about the magic combo of flavors…and the excuse to dump lime juice on every square inch. Lime=makes everything better. 

Oh man that reminds me….I need to vegan-ize one of my all time favorite drinks. I’m sure it has a name, I just call it delicious. It’s a can of sweetened condensed milk and a pitcher of limeade. I’ve made vegan condensed milk before using a can of full fat coconut milk…it shouldn’t be a big difference, honestly. I bet the coconut will probably taste better…..!! 



Aww yeah. A big ol bowl of pure awesome. 


I hope everyone had a better monday…..take care of yourselves!