Food adventure!

So, I am deciding to take the steps towards becoming vegan. I plan to go all out vegan after the new year, and have been eating vegetarian this month of December.

This may weird some of you out. I understand, but it is my choice and my blog may reflect that as I add recipes and my trials and tribulations (failures) so I can track my progress and see what works and what doesn’t. 

I hope I can reach out to more veggie inclined folks this way, as I don’t know any other vegans around me. I’m pretty sure the only other ones in the state live on the side opposite of me, but maybe I’m wrong! (please, someone, prove me wrong)

I’m also slightly gluten in tolerant, and I have a kid who’s recently become VERY finicky with what she eats. Though she will demolish just about any raw veggies I put in front of her. So she will be my biggest critic I have to reach…..This is quite a challenge. I also live in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE so sourcing ingredients is also …um…”challenging”. Yeah, we’ll just go with that. 

On a different tangent altogether, I have some ideas with how to revamp some things in my house so I hope to put up pictures of that too. First will be my kitchen table…in desperate need of an update. 

All in all, expect more updates in the future!!