Lazy sundays…and chili!

Sundays here are generally lazy. At least, I try my best to keep it that way. I clean my house, I cook a nice dinner. I craft when the mood strikes (currently working on a tunisian baby sweater…I’m keeping notes).

I have recently found an awesome blog by the nicest gal! She’s also gluten free which is FABULOUS for me, and she put up THE BEST roll recipe! Here’s a link for those interested:

I’m currently on my third roll, while eating a big ol’ bowl of white bean chili. I really ought to start writing down my recipes on occasion, because sometimes they actually turn out really well! haha. Maybe next time…


Lookithat. loooook. YUM. so good with strawberry jam.

I based a hot ‘wing’ recipe loosely off her vegan wings recipe too. I must recommend that as well!! Hot cauliflower ‘wings’ are soooo freaking good. I’m glad I only made so many, as I devoured every. single. one.

I really really really….don’t miss having meat. I do, however, need more tofutti sour cream. That stuff is great.


Goes so well on chili!!

Hopefully more patterns soon too!

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